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Introduction: Swans (and me)



I met Michael Gira, frontman of Swans, after the first time I saw the band play live. It was March of 2013 at the Black Cat in D.C. I had driven two and a half hours from my college town of Charlottesville, VA to be there. Gira shook my hand, looked straight into my eyes from under his…

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[Description: Two photos of a black and white French Bulldog yawning and then looking at the camera.]

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North American Clover wood burning


North American Clover wood burning

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Julian Lynch


Julian Lynch



if you look deeply enough into legolas’s eyes you can see beauty in its purest form


more legolas

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I’m really good at gift-giving.

I’m really good at gift-giving.

Letter From Gary Shtyengart’s Dog

Dear BAM,

Last night, while my favorite human Gary Shteyngart was dripping gherkin juice and pickled cod balls onto his green polyester shirt, I noticed a tear trickling down his face. I peered over his slumped shoulder and saw on the interwebs that in a couple weeks, some famous people are gathering at BAM to make fun of him. Not only that, you monsters are actually selling tickets to the public for this public humiliation of my friend. BAM staffers, I say to you: this small, furry excuse of a human being already suffers terrible asthma, an overabundance of gnarled body hair, and bouts of midnight gas. He has trouble buttoning his own shirts, doesn’t own a comb, and bribes his own MFA students to write his books. His hardship started years ago, first as a young Russian émigré tortured at Hebrew School, when he arrived in America speaking no English with a mere two shirts and a bear coat, and then again at New York City’s Stuyvesant High School, when his fellow immigrant teens would sabotage his Bunsen burner to get ahead. He struggled to make money in his 20s by writing grants for programs like “Torah Tots,” attempting to secure foundation money for the important purpose of introducing 3-year-olds to the murders and rapes of the Old Testament. In short I say to you, hasn’t Gary suffered enough? Why must you persecute him more? And also will this be live streamed on the web, so I can watch from the comforts of my luxury dog crate?

Felix the Dachshund



Can we change the U.S. mascot from an eagle to Anne? Look how well she directs conversations. Clearly being the queen of Genovia taught her tact most diplomats would be envious of.


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Top 20 Albums of 2012

1. Sharon Van Etten - Tramp

I tried to avoid Sharon Van Etten for a very long time. A friend had described her as a “sad lady playing guitar and singing” and after three years as a moody middle school girl, I didn’t think I needed any more sad ladies in my life. However, thanks to my internship at WXPN this summer I was able to get some tickets to her show in Philadelphia. She started her set with “All I Can” and I was hooked. Her album captures all the emotion of her live shows and features one of my favorite songs of 2012, Serpents.

2. Dan Deacon - America

I’ve always loved Dan Deacon’s live shows but I never could make it through listening to an entire album. However, America is a beautifully crafted album that is extremely listenable. The first half of the album consists of classic jams - danceable singalongs. The second half of the album shows off Dan Deacon’s classical composition chops. I got to listen to this while flying over the desert on the way to San Diego and it was a beautiful moment when music fit perfectly with scenery.

3. Lower Dens - Nootropics

Nootropics was a perfect continuation from Twin-Hand Movement, the awesome first release by Lower Dens. Though the album is very mechanical (the drums on Brains and Stem are so precise and robotic), there are touches of glam-rock to it. On Lion In Winter Part 2, lead singer Jana Hunter sounds like an alien singing over a futuristic dancey beat and tons of synth. This album is a lot darker than Twin-Hand Movement, lacking a “cutesy” track like I Get Nervous. Each track transitions beautifully into the next to create one of the best albums of 2012.

4. Chelsea Wolfe - Unknown Rooms

I hopped on the Chelsea Wolfe train really late, so placing Unknown Rooms on this list is my way of noting that she was one of my favorite artists of the year. Chelsea Wolfe plays doom-folk-goth-art-drone and her albums and live performances are slightly terrifying but at the same time extremely beautiful. She has attracted a lot of attention from black metal fans, opening up for Russian Circles this year. This acoustic album reaches heavily into her folk roots while also touching on Renaissance-sounding choral elements. She sounds both completely vulnerable and vicious at the same time - something I still don’t understand.

5. Grizzly Bear - Shields

Shields seemed to both get too much attention and not enough attention at the same time. What Grizzly Bear had developed in the past was simply amplified on this album. “A Simple Answer” was Grizzly Bear’s first successful attempt at a non-cheesy happy song, a nice change from “Knife” and “Two Weeks”. Ed Droste doesn’t play any instruments on this album but his vocals are calm, mature, and straight-up beautiful. Chris Bear amplifies his drums and Chris Taylor’s guitar parts fills in every gap, making Shields an extremely layered album where each part is important . Grizzly Bear is an extremely collaborative band and Shields shows how teamwork can be used to create a cohesive and beautiful album.

6. Colleen Green - Milo Goes To Compton

Colleen Green really isn’t innovative. Her first song on the album is a Descendants Cover, the second song is a pseudo-Ramones cover. On most tracks it’s just Colleen’s layered vocals, fuzzy chords, and a drum machine. But man, this album sure is catchy. I’m not usually a fan of the lazy California lady rocker, (see: Best Coast), but her lyrics are more complex, her guitar parts are more distorted, and her songs so danceable that this album is just great. It’s short, fun, and makes me wanna be friends with Colleen Green, so I think it’s a success!

7. Japandroids - Celebration Rock

I left my teenage years this past year and felt a really strong desire to get my fist-pumping teen angst out. This album had all the elements of a party-rock album: singalong lyrics, loud guitars, and precise drumming. The House that Heaven Built sounds like a Bruce Springsteen song if Bruce had a lot more anger and a lot more alcohol. The singalong “OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OH-OH” and lyrics of “if they try to slow you down tell ‘em all to go to hell” on that song are great emotional release - we all need something to shout-sing during times of frustration. Celebration Rock was the loud rock album I needed this year.

8. The Bird Calls - Church of the Bird Calls

The Bird Calls is Sam Sodomsky of Syracuse, NY by way of Wyomissing, PA (home of Taylor Swift!). Church of the Bird Calls is his longest album so far, and most definitely his most complex. Sam has a way of singing with conviction even if he hasn’t experienced what he’s singing so far. In “Real Sacrifice” his sacrifice appears to be passing around a bottle - not something we would consider a real sacrifice on the scale of human experiences. However, the song, and entire album, show The Bird Calls’s gospel-like belief in the subject matter. Sam’s been making music for years and Church of the Bird Calls functions as a confirmation of his accomplishments so far.

9. Wild Nothing - Nocturne

10. DIIV - Oshin

11. Julia Holter - Ekstasis

12. Liars - WIXIW

13. Frank Ocean - Channel Orange

14. Perfume Genius - Put Your Back N 2 It

15. Eternal Summers - Correct Behavior

16. Angel Olsen - Half Way Home

17. Ty Segall Band - Slaughterhouse

18. Grimes - Visions

19. Wolf//Goat - In Watermelon Sugar

20. Cloud Nothings - Attack on Memory

Rerun is the best character.

Rerun is the best character.

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my school.


my school.

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